Hugh Davies Concert


Grey Area Performs: Hugh Davies, Stockhausen, Wolff, Green - 23 May 2015
A concert of music by, or related to the work of, Hugh Davies, staged at University of Leeds on 23 May 2015 as part of the AHRC-funded project 'Hugh Davies: Electronic Music Innovator.' More information on the project:

Live stream video: here

Organised by James Mooney.

"Connections" from "Aus den Sieben Tagen" - Karlheinz Stockhausen
"Music for a Single Spring" - Hugh Davies
"Edges" - Christian Wolff


"Quintet" - Hugh Davies
"Neither the Time nor the Energy" - Owen Green
"Intensity" from "Aus den Sieben Tagen" - Karlheinz Stockhausen

Performed by Grey Area:
Emma Lloyd - violin
Owen Green - bowed box
Armin Sturm - double bass
Sean Williams - modular synth
Dave Murray-Rust - laptop

with sound projection for "Music for a Single Spring" by James Mooney
Live sound engineering by Colin Bradburne

Audience comments:
"I'd never seen a cardboard box being used in a concert like that before, especially liked it in the Stockhausen."
"It was a ravishing experience, like witnessing the mutant insectoid nanoborg horde test terraforming weapons on a largely gaseous moon orbiting a tense planet"

Clothworkers Hall, Leeds