Annäherung (approach) altern. title for Übereinstimmung

Concert date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Works performed: 
Für Kommende Zeiten
Concert venue: 
Purcell Room
Programme text: 
Earle Brown: Four Systems. Jaques Bekaert: Pop Corner. Christian Wolff: For Jill. John Cage: Electronic Music for Piano. Annäherung: from the text-score transcribed in a (bad) review of this concert it appears that Annäherung is an alternative title for Übereinstimmung which is from Für Kommende Zeiten This could be a n undiscovered work!
Other Works: 
Brown: Four Systems.
Bekaert: Pop Corner.
Wolff: For Jill.
Cage: Electronic Music for Piano.