Welcome to the Stockhausen Concerts database.

This includes details of all concerts featuring the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen from 11th October 1952 - 8th June 1972.
There are entries for some additional concerts past these dates, but these are incomplete and await future research funding for comprehensive documentation.
The data was gathered by consulting the extensive collection of concert programmes held in the Stockhausen Archive, K├╝rten, firstly as part of a DAAD funded pilot research project, and later as part of a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellowship. It is an ongoing project and will hopefully also extend to current and future concerts.

This site is currently running as a public beta which means that some features may be a bit buggy and some will be tweaked and modified without warning.

Use the main menu to navigate to a particular view of the data.
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On some pages, you will be able to filter the data so that, for example on the Concert Series page, you will be able to display all the concerts that have been performed in any particular concert series such "Musik der Zeit" or "Domaine Musicale".

Please direct any enquiries to: sean.williams@open.ac.uk

Originally published: September 2015
Dr Sean Williams
Open University